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Great Danes of yesteryear

Growing up, we had Rottweilers and German Shepherds – “proper dogs” as my old man would call them. He seemed to equate size with canine superiority!
If his scale had any real merit, what would it make the giant amongst dogs – the Great Dane?

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No pets!

In issue 30 of Edition Dog (March 2021) I reflect on my experience of looking for a rental property and consider the implications of the proposal to ban the ‘no pets’ clause.

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Changed beyond all recognition?

Can you name them all? Add your answers in the comments.

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My Canine Chat column in Torbay Weekly (10th September 2020) discusses the need for tougher action and enforcement when it comes to bad owners.

Read the online version and other articles on Torbay Weekly’s website here

Should we get a puppy?

In issue 22 of Edition Dog (July 2020) I look at the ‘hypoallergenic’ debate.

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Lockdown Puppy Prices

In issue 21 of Edition Dog (June 2020), I take a look at the rapid rise in puppy prices since the start of the pandemic.

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…that is the question

In issue 20 of Edition Dog (May 2020) I question the need for spaying and neutering in modern times.

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In issue 13 of Edition Dog (Oct 2019) I review the impact of the legislation that was introduced a year earlier.

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This particular piece relates to my other article ‘Levelling the playing field’ which was published in my Dog World column ‘Crossing the headlines’

A number of us have recently become increasingly worried about the number of private registries mushrooming up that claim to cater for both pedigree and crossbreed.

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We’re on the move once more! Up to our necks in plastic packing boxes and bubblewrap and the inevitable cull of items begins yet again; ‘do we really need that slow cooker/Qualcast push along mower/Jane Fonda ‘Trim, Tone and Flex DVD!’

And in between runs to the dump and attending car boot sales (a particularly soul-destroying experience) we have been making regular trips to our intended new home in sunny South Devon and it was on one of those trips that something very strange happened…a bizarre coincidence that gave me a lot to mull over.

We’d parked up in the multi-storey in Torquay and as we emerged from the gloom of the carpark I spotted a dog being walked by a couple and I couldn’t quite believe my eyes. Continue reading