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The previous “quiz” was far too easy! In fact, it seems humans (build, weight, style, shape, etc) have changed far more over the past 120 years than some of our more popular dog breeds.

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Devonshire’s dogs

My Canine Chat column for Torbay Weekly (17th December 2020) was about dog breeds connected to Devon.

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The second of my two features in issue 1 of Edition Cat (September 2020) was an insight to the history of cat as we know it today.

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As part of my breed history series for Canine Chronicle, the Annual Edition for 2016 featured the Scottish Terrier. Continue reading


In October 2016 I wrote my first article in a series of breed histories for the leading US publication, The Canine Chronicle. The first of these is about the history of the Chow Chow. See it here at http://caninechronicle.com/uncategorized/the-fascinating-edible-dog/

From my Dog World blog on 11 August 2016.

In my monthly column Crossing the Headlines (17 August 2016) I wrote about Gavin Robertson’s marathon charity fundraiser, Pedigree Paws United – a series of sponsored walks totalling 160 miles and featuring every recognised breed of dog in the UK.

Each dog will be walking a minimum of five miles.



‘King Orry, owned by Mr G R Murrell. Born January 25, 1889, by Pagan ex Koorie. Breeder J Tasker.’


The announcement put me in mind of another famous walking match, which took place in London, featuring the Bulldog. The full story is recounted in the marvellous The Bulldog – A Monograph by Edgar Farman. Continue reading