Forget the talk of the mutating CV19 virus; has anyone noticed the fast-mutating examples of human behaviour when outside while simply walking down the street?

First, we had those who jumped – like a scalded cat – into the road as you approached, regardless of life-threatening collisions with trucks, buses and cycles. This errant behaviour has, thankfully, now all but died out but it was quickly replaced by a new, emerging behaviour that swept through the community. This was signified by a person, who, on seeing you approach, either steps into a driveway or someone’s front garden OR more bizarrely, faces a wall/hedge as you pass!
Once again, this behaviour wasn’t long lasting and slowly died out.
However, a new variant quickly took its place and it now seems particularly rampant down here in the South West. This involves those people, who, on seeing you approach, and rather than briskly walking past you, suddenly for no explicable reason FREEZE on the spot, as if playing the kid’s game, ‘Sleeping Lions’!
Look out for this behaviour coming to a street near you!