Can you name them all? Add your answers in the comments.

Usually, at this time (pre-Covid) we would be gearing up for Crufts/Westminster and the media’s “silly season” would be in full effect! Undoubtedly there would have been plenty of articles deriding the pedigree dog. I’ve noticed that many of these pieces seem to obsess on comparing dogs of today with their counterparts a hundred years ago to demonstrate how the “wicked breeders” have changed and moulded the breeds, “beyond all recognition”.
One such article which appeared in none other than the Daily Mail (of course) last year must have been written by the office intern as it was littered with mistakes and inaccuracies, and several of the photographs were incorrectly labelled, with one of the comparisons being drawn between a photograph of a Harlequin Great Dane from a hundred years ago with its modern-day counterpart (according to the Mail) – a Dalmatian!
So, let’s test this oft-repeated claim that they have “changed beyond all recognition”. See how many of these 20 breeds you can successfully name out of this list of show-winning dogs – all pre-1907.
Good luck!