I recently discovered Volumes 1 & 2 of Van Bylandt’s ‘Dogs of all Nations’ in a bookshop in Hungerford.
This is the second edition (published in 1904) and It is a truly epic production – a jewel of canine literature.
It possesses scores of photographs of dogs that I haven’t seen published before and over the coming weeks I will post some of these fascinating photographs (of various breeds) for owners & fanciers to pore over.
Today, I’m going to focus on my breed, the Dachshund, interestingly I have heard/read about a number of the dogs featured but have never seen photos of them before.
I hope Dachshund lovers enjoy them!

This was quite a fascinating collection of photographs. Some of the examples shown were of a far higher quality than I would have expected from this early time.

The same holds true for the Wire haired Dachshunds portrayed which includes an etching of Mordax that I haven’t seen before.