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Continuing the arguments against compulsory microchipping, this was sent to me by Stephen McMurray of 7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust in Northern Ireland. It was also published in Dog World in February 2014.

We, at 7th Heaven Animal Rescue Trust have been voicing our opposition to microchipping ever since it was made compulsory for dog owners in Northern Ireland to have their dogs chipped. I believe that certain parties are also trying to introduce it in the U.K. mainland. I urge your readers to fight this dangerous and unnecessary proposal as I can now prove, using official statistics, that microchipping simply doesn’t work.

Laboratory evidence and real life cases prove that RFID chips can cause cancer and tissue damage and as there is no health benefits whatsoever, we have long argued that it is unethical to carry out this dangerous and unnecessary medical procedure on our pets.

The initial reason compulsory micro-chipping was supposedly introduced was that it would curtail the amount of ‘dangerous dog’ attacks. This is patently preposterous.  Personally, I have never heard of a dog that is about to viciously attack someone think to itself, ‘Hi, hold on a minute, I have a piece of glass and metal inside my neck, I better not attack this person.’ Continue reading

From my ‘Crossing the headlines’ column in Dog World (12th February 2014) where I discuss potential pitfalls of designer crossbreeds.

While the dog world has been embroiled in arguments concerning the Assured Breeder Scheme, the media continues to focus on the growing numbers of ‘designer dogs’.

Jody Thompson writing for the Huffington Post (Jan 8) asked a question, “Why are people paying for designer dogs?”

It’s a fair question and one that many of us have puzzled over. Just why do people pay £800-£1,500 for a mongrel? Of course, it’s a free country and, as the old adage goes, a ‘fool and his money are easily parted’ but, why do a growing number of people pay out such a vast sum for their pet when a trip to the local animal shelter could fulfil all their needs for a fraction of the cost? If a long pedigree or owning a mongrel doesn’t bother you then why not simply adopt? This was the point Ms Thompson succinctly made in her well-written article. Continue reading

From my ‘Crossing the headlines’ column in Dog World (15th January 2014) where I discuss why, despite recent bad press and feedback, the ABS is the way forward for responsible dog breeding.

Recently I wrote about an article in the Daily Mail that had proclaimed the arrival of the ‘cutest dog in the world’, the Cavapoochon. It was a piece of totally irresponsible journalism playing on the ‘ever-puppy-like’ looks of this new designer ‘breed’ and placed just before Christmas. This was followed by a very jovial piece about the arrival of the Wottie, a unintentional cross between a Rottweiler and a West Highland Terrier!

Just as I’d begun to despair, a recent Daily Mail article, excellently written by Steve Bird, somewhat redeemed the paper. The headline certainly pulled no punches as it stated in bold letters, “Foreign gangs, rabies and appalling cruelty, The sickening truth about those cute Xmas puppies for sale on the internet.”

The piece went on to describe the harrowing experience of Lisa Gentle. This attentive mum recognised the early signs of Autism in her young son and, following expert advice, decided to buy him a much-wanted puppy. The love of an affectionate puppy would, she was told, help to keep him calm.

Lisa thought that a Bichon Frisé would be an ideal companion, as the breed are renowned for being gentle and affectionate. She then noticed a simple advert in her local ‘free ads’ paper, offering “ready to go male Bichon Frisé puppies”. After a quick phone call they excitedly drove to the house to pick up their puppy. Continue reading