Growing up, we had Rottweilers and German Shepherds – “proper dogs” as my old man would call them. He seemed to equate size with canine superiority!
If his scale had any real merit, what would it make the giant amongst dogs – the Great Dane?

This noble breed, descended from the Boarhound, and as is widely acknowledged, the wild boar (with its razor-sharp tusks and muscle) is one of the most dangerous of adversaries. I’ve read numerous experts writing that this is indeed a ‘lost hound’ and it is puzzling, with such an illustrious history, to find it listed in the ‘working group’.
But then again, there are numerous breeds languishing in groups that certainly provoke a head scratch!
As I said last week, I’m showcasing some old photos of various breeds that featured in the volumes of Dogs Of All Nations. This week it’s the Great Dane’s turn.
I hope you enjoy a glimpse of these dogs from the dim and distant past – I particularly like the photographs of the harlequins, a beautiful colour that I’ve always much admired.