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Sleeping lions

Forget the talk of the mutating CV19 virus; has anyone noticed the fast-mutating examples of human behaviour when outside while simply walking down the street?

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Masking a problem?

In my Nature Notes column for Torbay Weekly (14th January 2021) I look at the environmental issues relating to the purchasing, wearing and disposing of single-use PPE.

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Thank God for dogs

My Canine Chat for Torbay Weekly on 19th November 2020 was about the ways dogs can lift our spirits in these dark times.

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The first article for my new Canine Chat column in Torbay Weekly was published on 11th June 2020. It also features our Standard Dachshund, Otto.

Read the online version of the article on Torbay Weekly’s website here

Covid-19 and Dogs

In issue 19 of Edition Dog (April 2020) I look at the impact of the global pandemic on our canine companions around the world.

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