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Dachshunds of yesteryear

I recently discovered Volumes 1 & 2 of Van Bylandt’s ‘Dogs of all Nations’ in a bookshop in Hungerford.
This is the second edition (published in 1904) and It is a truly epic production – a jewel of canine literature.
It possesses scores of photographs of dogs that I haven’t seen published before and over the coming weeks I will post some of these fascinating photographs (of various breeds) for owners & fanciers to pore over.
Today, I’m going to focus on my breed, the Dachshund, interestingly I have heard/read about a number of the dogs featured but have never seen photos of them before.
I hope Dachshund lovers enjoy them!

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A Mini Dachshund Mystery

I recently wrote a piece on the extraordinary rise of the Miniature Dachshund for American dog magazine, Canine Chronicle.

Whilst researching it I came across a fascinating photograph of a girl with what looks like a very respectable looking Miniature Wirehaired Dachshund.

What’s so odd about that you may ask?

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In issue 27 of Edition Dog (Dec 2020) I reflect on my own experience of owning and breeding dogs with working ability, and discuss what ‘fit for function’ really means.

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A proper dog

Is there still such a thing as a man’s or woman’s dog? I take a closer look and reflect on personal experience in issue 25 of Edition Dog (October 2020).

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My Canine Chat column in Torbay Weekly (8th October 2020) was about my veteran Dachshund, Alfie, and how older dogs can stay fit and healthy.

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My Canine Chat column in Torbay Weekly (13th August 2020) raised the issue of greyhounds in need of rescue and reflecting on my own experience with the breed.

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The first article for my new Canine Chat column in Torbay Weekly was published on 11th June 2020. It also features our Standard Dachshund, Otto.

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…that is the question

In issue 20 of Edition Dog (May 2020) I question the need for spaying and neutering in modern times.

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A Canine Afterlife?

In issue 11 of Edition Dog (Aug 2019) I share my story of my Dachshund, Mollie, coming back to visit after she passed away.

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In issue 6 of Edition Dog (Mar 2019) I highlight the benefits of buying a puppy from an experienced breeder.

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