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Issue 34 of Edition Dog (July 2021) featured my article about why pet owners should be worried about the recent rise in vegan diets.

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In my column ‘Crossing the headlines’ in this week’s Dog World (22nd May 2013), I look into what’s really in our dogs’ food…

My Nan always used to say ‘you are what you eat’ and, like most old adages, there is more than a grain of truth contained within those few words.
I’m sure we’ve all been horrified by the recent revelations concerning what is actually in some of our meat products and it was while reading yet another of these frightening exposes I got to wondering, what exactly could be lurking in our dog foods?
Now, I’m a ‘Dachshund man’. My family have owned the breed for over 50 years and all our dogs have been fed on the ‘natural’ or ‘raw’ diet. My wise, old Nan loathed processed dog food and we have simply followed her lead.
Despite owning Dachshunds (bred from show lines and in all coats and sizes) we have never (touch wood) experienced ‘back problems’ and all our dogs have reached their teens with very few visits being paid to our local vet.
Some would say I’ve just been extremely lucky, although I’m not usually a lucky kind of fella having only got three numbers on the lottery twice in the past ten years, but I would prefer to put their long life and health down to their feeding regime combined with liberal exercise.

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