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From my Dog World column ‘Crossing the headlines’ on 17 August 2016 promoting the Pedigree Paws Unite event.

‘It’s Good News Week, someone’s dropped a bomb somewhere contaminating atmosphere and blackening the sky’ – these are the opening lines from the biggest hit of British band Hedgehoppers Anonymous back in 1965.

The song takes a satirical swipe at the media’s all-consuming obsession with bad news and the lyrics couldn’t be more apt today. Every morning it seems we awake to hear yet more stories of gloom and doom in our press, more examples of man’s inhumanity to man and a heavy feeling of despair and unease. Continue reading

From my ‘Crossing the headlines’ column in Dog World (11th June 2014) about puppy farmers and bad breeders.

A story that certainly got a lot of attention in the press recently was the case of Lisa Walsh, a ‘dog breeder’ who swindled money from puppy buyers in and around Norfolk. Norwich Crown Court heard that ‘customers’ would pay around £500 per puppy for what they were led to believe were Kennel Club registered and health tested puppies. Ms Walsh also cruelly falsified paperwork declaring that the puppies had been inoculated against deadly diseases such as parvo when they quite clearly hadn’t been – a truly despicable thing to do, potentially condemning those poor puppies to such a painful and totally avoidable death all to save a few pounds. Not surprisingly a number of the puppies bought from Walsh suffered vomiting and diarrhoea when their new owners took them home. One Labrador pup needed a £5,000 operation on its hip and another had to be put to sleep after it contracted parvovirus. Continue reading