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Dog lovers were outraged to see a Facebook post by Alan Tobin, an Irish politician, about his delight that breed specific legislation had been brought in, affecting owners in his constituency. This was in Dog World on 25 May 2016.

As many of you who read this column regularly know, I’m not the biggest fan of the internet age and social media. Obviously it has brought us huge benefits, not least being able to track down the girl that played Nancy in your junior school production of Oliver.

But along with these dubious benefits of ‘connectivity’ comes some serious negatives. There’s the time many of us waste maintaining the numerous casual relationships fostered on social media sometimes at the neglect of our most important and meaningful relationships here in the ‘real’ world. And, of course, we have the growing incidences of cyberbullying, witch-hunts and the wildfire-like spread of malicious gossip that we all too commonly see in various forums. All very nasty and something I’ve actively tried to avoid. Continue reading


Check out my weekly cartoons appearing in Dog News (USA) from 6th September onwards

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6th September 2013 (page 117) http://issuu.com/dognews/docs/090613 (Dachshund, Borzoi)

13th September 2013 (page 117) http://issuu.com/dognews/docs/091313 (Boston Terrier)

20th September 2013 (page 125) http://issuu.com/dognews/docs/092013 (Poodle, Pekingese, Cavalier)

27th September 2013 (page 110) http://issuu.com/dognews/docs/092713 (Basset Hound)