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A feature article written for Dog World (14th April 2015) looking at how the media portrays dogs and dog ownership.

Years ago, when still at college, I briefly toyed with the idea of becoming a journalist. Then, in the autumn of 1991, by a series of strange coincidences, I met a lady that would completely turn that idea on its head.

She was an American soul singing megastar and we were to be friends for the next ten or so years. Whenever she came to the UK I would hang out with her, go backstage at her shows, go to dinner, to rehearsals and travel to swanky hotels in the shiniest of stretch limousines. A pretty fantastic experience for an impressionable youth and from the outside it did indeed look like the perfect lifestyle however one only had to dig not too very far beneath the beautiful veneer to uncover a world rife with paranoia and the irritant of constantly being watched, the bane of this woman’s life were journalists and the media – especially the British media who, back then, were notoriously brutal.  Continue reading

My coverage of Crufts 2015 in Dog World (11th March 2015).

This year’s Crufts started with the usual ‘silly season’ stories mushrooming all over our national press. For once, however, the focus wasn’t upon ‘the parade of genetically compromised mutants’, no, this time the spotlight was fixed firmly upon us, the exhibitors.

One story seemed to suggest that the Crufts ringside was a fertile recruitment ground for the likes of UKIP (Nigel Farage obviously missed an opportunity here) with (it reported) growing resentment of the foreign contingent ‘coming over here and stealing our CCs’. Continue reading