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Three years on from my original post in Dog World on the dangers of microchipping (click HERE for the article), with April 6th looming I revisit the issue.

I recently saw a story in the Daily Mirror that certainly gave me food for thought. It concerned microchipping, which, as many of you know is a particular interest of mine. Three years ago I wrote a letter to Dog World because I was concerned about the blanket acceptance of this procedure and what seemed to be the complete exclusion of all dissenting voices. There had been many concerns raised over the safety of microchipping dogs, movement of the chips and indeed mumblings about a possible link to cancer. Continue reading

From my Dog World column ‘Crossing the headlines’ (7th January 2015).

I always find the months of December and January dominated by two questions. In December the big question always seems to be, ‘Going anywhere nice for Christmas?’ and January seems to be dominated by, ‘So, have you made any new year’s resolutions yet?’

My usual replies are; to the first, ‘Spending it with family’ and, to the second, was always a firm, resounding ‘No’. Continue reading