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A Canine Afterlife?

In issue 11 of Edition Dog (Aug 2019) I share my story of my Dachshund, Mollie, coming back to visit after she passed away.

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Sun, sea and dogs?

In issue 10 of Edition Dog (Jul 2019) I highlight the issues faced by dog owners when they holiday around the UK

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…is it really a problem?

In issue 9 of Edition Dog (Jun 2019) I look at the thorny issue of rare colours, and the impact it’s having on some breeds.

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In issue 8 of Edition Dog (May 2019) I show that the recent surge in popularity of the French Bulldog isn’t the first time this has happened.

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In issue 7 of Edition Dog (Apr 2019) I look at the importance of temperament and what can influence it.

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In issue 6 of Edition Dog (Mar 2019) I highlight the benefits of buying a puppy from an experienced breeder.

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Crufts: Why all the negativity?

My first feature for Edition Dog (issue 5, Feb 2019) was about demonstrating the best bits of Crufts and dog showing.

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I’m sure most of us sighed with relief when the curtain finally came down on this year’s Crufts with no shocking incidents having taken place; no planes flying over the venue, no giant Frenchies handing out leaflets and no stickered cars.

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This particular piece relates to my other article ‘Levelling the playing field’ which was published in my Dog World column ‘Crossing the headlines’

A number of us have recently become increasingly worried about the number of private registries mushrooming up that claim to cater for both pedigree and crossbreed.

In America a number of these entities have had relationships with the ‘puppy mill’ industry and it seems a similar thing could be quietly happening here. View full article »

We’re on the move once more! Up to our necks in plastic packing boxes and bubblewrap and the inevitable cull of items begins yet again; ‘do we really need that slow cooker/Qualcast push along mower/Jane Fonda ‘Trim, Tone and Flex DVD!’

And in between runs to the dump and attending car boot sales (a particularly soul-destroying experience) we have been making regular trips to our intended new home in sunny South Devon and it was on one of those trips that something very strange happened…a bizarre coincidence that gave me a lot to mull over.

We’d parked up in the multi-storey in Torquay and as we emerged from the gloom of the carpark I spotted a dog being walked by a couple and I couldn’t quite believe my eyes. View full article »