In the letters page of today’s Dorset Echo (22nd May 2013), one wonders if the anonymous writer is (or is a friend of) ‘Nick’ who commented on a previous pro-cull article on here:

Yet again, no real points are made…

In reply to the two letters which you have printed in defence of badgers, may I reply.

Since the unwise legislation a few years ago which made these animals a protected species, there has been a vast increase in their numbers, they have probably trebled. After all badgers have no natural enemies.

In spite of what your correspondents seem to think, all the experts believe that badgers do spread TB to cows at a very high cost to farmers and the taxpayer. This was proved recently in Ireland where badgers were cleared from a large area and TB in cattle was much reduced.

Wildlife lovers should remember that badgers will and do eat large numbers of eggs and chicks of many ground nesting birds.

Have these same people ever seen badgers close up? Take it from me that they are dirty, smelly and full of fleas.

A reduction in number would be good.


The writer of this would do well to read one of my follow-up posts that questions why the badger is being blamed for more than just bTB: