There seems to be movement away from the issue of Bovine TB (which I thought was the reason for the cull) to a need to control rising badger numbers.

An interesting theme from the pro-cull lobby is the reference to the badger being an apex predator with nothing to control its numbers. Do these people making these claims drive around with their eyes shut?

The country’s roads are littered – especially when cubs are active – with badger corpses. I would say there is a very effective, large predator that is efficiently controlling numbers and that is the car.

Man is most certainly the badger’s main threat with badger baiting still rife in many parts of the UK, also affecting numbers. Read about a recent case in Yorkshire in March 2013:

So, with our population rapidly growing and our roads filling up, I believe this reason for the cull is invalid?

Read more about why the badger is a political scapegoat: