In response to those who have questioned the use of the Blackcap as an example of a migrant to the UK suffering from the effects of trapping and the prevalence/importance of the Blackcap to Cypriot trappers , here are some links, etc to answer those challenges raised against the original article.

The original article can be read here:


For example, CABS state that “Blackcaps are the main target species of illegal bird trapping in Cyprus”:


Also, from the CABS (Cyprus) website, the picture second from bottom features 2 female Blackcaps on a limestick:


Blackcaps are widely distributed and do indeed migrate through the Mediterranean countries that are some of the worst for trapping – mainly Cyprus and Malta. Remember, illegal trapping takes place across the continent and more action must be taken – mainly making the public aware of this barbaric practice.


I’d welcome any questions and comments.